02.09–25.09.2021, Nelja Nurga Gallery, Kärdla 

The exhibition brings together oil paintings, the theme of which is the beautiful but dangerous world of the air. The atmosphere and the pattern games of the clouds convey different moods and manifestations of the air, reflect its different fields of meaning.

Air, as one of the four basic elements, is one of the most important resources on planet Earth, without which life would not be possible. However, it is one of the most insidious as we cannot see or smell it. The air can therefore contain both life-creating and life-destroying aspect. During the corona pandemic, the understanding that the virus spreads through the air came into our consciousness. Therefore, we have begun to perceive the air as an invisible source of danger and fear what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

We also look for signs of weather change in the air – a look at the sky helps predict this, but weather-related phenomena can also cause concern. Signs of climate change are beginning to affect our daily lives and cloud our choices. Over the darkening horizon, we are looking for the pre-echo of a threatening thunderstorm or a hopeful ray of sunshine, both literally and figuratively.