16.09.–02.10.2022, Gallery Katariina, Helsingi

The exhibition reflects on the relationship between natural and artificial in the situation where we know that we are surrounded by earth, water, air full of artificial micro particles. People live in a plastic world that feels domestic, but it’s not part of nature. On this kind of plastic bag planet the elements consisting of human bodies flow like rivers in artificial landscapes. The main driving force here is consumption, resulting in a lifeless plastic environment.

In the exhibition, author’s triptych quotes Kashimir Malevich’ iconic painting compositions “Cross”, “Square”, “Circle”. Back then, at the beginning of the XX century, there were still ideals. But in the XXI century, they have become a farce, turned into perfect plastic figures. The man-made environment is like a tornado that destroys everything in its path, including its creators.

The exposition raises existential questions. Where is humanity headed? Do we have more broadening perspectives on the horizon? Or is the world about to end for us forever? However, the hope remains that the end is not yet.