„Water and Rock“

16.07.–20.08.2018, Ruhnu Culture House

The painting exhibition is about water and earth as basic elements of universe and opposites that on the one hand complement each other, but on the other hand try to conquer the other element. The moments when these two elements come into contact with each other are the source of inspiration and excitement. Mall Nukke started painting the water views in 2016 and for her the water is the ultimate creator that she just trying to keep up with.

Reflections of earthy objects in the water turn these objects, which are otherwise considered being solid and tangible, into something playful and utterly elusive. Precisely this is what made the author to crab the brush and work passionately for days trying to entrap the imperceptible dance of water and earth on the canvas. The reflections on these paintings were captured in Venice, Riga, Hamburg and Hvar. What makes these watery views so enchantingly abstract and scenic is the feeling that the same sea unites us with other nations, rolling its waters in waves also to Estonian shores. Including here, to the Ruhnu Island.