25.06.–29.07.2022, Kuressaare Town Hall Gallery

At the visually playful exhibition, emphasizing contrasts and similarities, one can see acrylic paintings from the last five years as well as fresh collages on milled plywood, which form an interesting synergy between Mall Nukke’s older and newer creation.

Elementa means elements in Latin. The name of the exhibition is derived from the parallels between humans and plants. Although humans consider themselves to be the only thinking creatures on earth, social relations, the pursuit of food and other goods are also common to other forms of life, including the elemental reaching of trees for light and nutrients. By simplifying these forms of life to a trivial level, man is no longer so different from the surrounding nature. The worlds are opposed, but still influence each other. The aggressiveness and activity of humanity contrasts with the passivity and eternality of nature.