4.03.–11.04.1998, Vaal Gallery, Tallinn

Exhibition for men, women and children

… In the window at Vaal Gallery we see tondos (round art works) with images of the Teletubbies. In the centre of the circles there are portraits of Buddha and Christ.

This opening image could be an embodiment of Mall Nukke’s creative philosophy. The most sacred symbols are combined with the most absurdly ridiculous that mass culture has to offer. But the meaning of the symbols cannot be expressed so simply.

Over time gods have also become part of mass culture, mainly thanks to contemporary forms of religion. Brightly coloured travel bureau flyers look no different to those that advertise paradise. Teletubbies are far more interesting and transcendental. Their behaviour, like the first century AD, is mystical and corresponds with what Christ said about children and the poor in spirit.
There are no authority figures today. Everyone knows that the most widespread information is not the most authoritative, but it has the most funding. You need to trust your common sense. I for one, will vote for the Teletubbies…

Mari Sobolev, art critic