„Metamophoses. Mall Nukke’s jubilee exhibition“

06.12.2019–03.01.2020, Haus Gallery

The exhibition deals with changes, distortions and transitions, where something always turns into something else. It is both a back- and forward-looking view on the state of things in the world on the occasion of author turning 55.

The exhibition is like a play with existing and non-existing. Paintings depict trivial living environment and symbols of eternity as an ironic illustration of time running its course. What gets left behind from us after our physical demise? A lifeless sculpture, a metaphysical reflection of things that we have touched, or a bodyless being on social media? Transient nature, including human as part of it, becomes something artificial which is unfortunately permanent. Every beginning is an end and every end could become a new beginning. A meteorite could strike a planet, crushing the current life there and creating a new one. Worlds disappear, supernova explosions in deep space have destructive power. But every dash of dust that gets ejected could by chance become a new start. Or it might not.