„IDOLS and Fine Forms“

11.10.–11.11.2020, Art&Tonic galerii

The exhibition is about the 90’s when VIPs appeared on the arena, some came “out of the closet” and in society, some became more equal than equals. All of that is mixed with mythology: “What is permissible for Jupiter is not permissible for an ox.”

The exposition is divided into two parts. First, there are mixed media drawings which were presented in the exhibition “Fine Forms” together with Marko Mäetamm’s creation in 1992 – from Mall Nukke’s pre-collage period. In that way, it is a great and unique chance for the audiences in Tartu to see how today’s classics used to create art while they were still in the beginning of their path. The second part consists of collages from the series created since 1993, when the exhibition “IDOLS I” took place at the Vaal Gallery, Tallinn.