21.02.–29.03.2017, Haus Gallery

The exhibition will feature works in flag colours from the period 2014–2017, where the artist has been inspired by the meanings behind the colours of Estonia’s tricolour flag. The paintings depict games with tricolour marbles, tangled fabrics, and black latex outfits. Variety is brought to the colour scheme by the blue of the European Union and the array of colours from the euro currency. At her Haus Gallery debut nearly 15 years ago, the artist stated “It is my wish that it would be possible to hold things in your hand and examine them closely,” an opportunity that this exhibition will certainly provide. The national flag, elevated to the status of an icon, is not displayed simply to be worshipped or adored from a distance.

Mall Nukke has worked with paintings exploring the themes of Estonia and what is means to be an Estonian throughout her entire career as an artist, which also includes the 2003 exhibition Estonian Gold, referred to above, where she – along with her familiar, sophisticated smirk – addressed the symbolic faces of popular culture that had been transferred onto religious icons. The blue, black and white flags added to them, however, were not employed by the artist as tricolours denoting national pride, but as symbols of social tendencies and shifts. Achieving a playful and fun, but always glamorous result, her works do not end up being ironical towards the religious or national icons, but the modern “madness” and capitalist values.

Triinu Soikmets
Haus Gallery